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Thursday, August 8, 2013

Gardening blossom azaleas and camellia

This is my garden in 2001 and 1999. It changes from year to year. I have learned which plants do best here, and, even though there are others I would love to have, I know that I am wasting my money and time by trying them again.

I know we have deer who visit during the night, and I know they "enjoyed" my coneflower and rudbeckia I planted last year, because one morning, all of the plants were gone.

This year I planted "drought tolerant" plants, and hopefully, once they are watered in well, I won't be watering. They love the heat and do not want to be fed! I have coreopsis, penestemon, red husker, long-blue saliva, New Zealand grass, yarrow, sedum "Autumn Joy", and a bamboo grass. I have also planted blue iris next to my white German iris. The daylilies are several years old, and they seem to be doing well.

Life without a garden would be so empty. The joy of planting, nurturing and watching the flowers bloom adds beauty and pleasure to your life and comfort to your soul.

 blossom azaleas and camellia
I was never a gardener until we moved to our present home. The former owner maintained a large perennialgarden which had suffered neglect. So, I literally dug in and reclaimed it! I never knew playing in the dirt could be such fun!

Over the past ten years, the garden has changed several times from it's original plant structure. I've lost plants, added plants, moved and divided. So, this year, I started from scratch again and planted 70 new, very small, perennials.

My flowering shrubs are, as you see from the pictures, doing nicely. I feed them each Spring after they bloom, and that is all that I do. I also have many azaleas and one camellia.

I'll be adding more pictures and, hopefuly, everything will "blossom" as they should this year.

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