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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Making eyelet from the summer '03 edition of Knitty

I'm about 1 hour away from being done with my mom's slippers...I'm just majorly dragging ass on them. I think I'm going to make a hat and give my dad slipper yarn for christmas, as well as give my mom hat or scarf yarn with her slippers. The hackey sack for my brother may or may not happen...I'm not sure yet.

I have been bit with the selfish knitting bug...hard. I cast on a shawl for myself out of the beautiful alpaca yarn that my parents bought for me:

It will be loverly when its done. I like to have something cuddly soft to snuggle in when I'm here in the cold old house that is ours.

I'm also planning on making eyelet from the summer '03 edition of Knitty.

I am going to make some adjustments. I'm going to make it a bit bigger, to accomidate my larger-ness, and I'm going to take off about 6" of the lace at the bottom. I only want maybe 1-2 inches of the lace. Its going to be either bright bright yellow or bright bright orange, depending on what yarn is available to me, and how much it costs. It will function as a bathing suit cover up in Hawaii...so I have to get cracking. We're leaving for fun in the sun one week from Monday. I'M SO EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
White sandy beaches here I come.

My brother and I are even going to take surfing lessons!

1. Cotton Panties /or/ Lacy Thongs?: Lacy thongs
2. Hot Chocolate /or/ Chocolate Body Paint?: Hot Chocolate
3. Roses /or/ Pointsetta's?: Roses
4. Diamonds /or/ Pearls?: Either a simple diamond or a strand of pearls
5. A Gift Card To: Walmart /or/ Victoria's Secret?: Victoria's Secret

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