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Monday, August 5, 2013

New Blocking "Tools" for Knitting

This is not so much about my sweater as it is about my new blocking tools. Thanks to Kathy for finding and telling me about these floor mats. These are interlocking rubber floor mats made for other purposes than knitting but just great for blocking. As far as I can tell, they are only sold at
Sam's Warehouse Club They are very inexpensive (under $20) and easily stored. Even if you are not a Sam's Club member which I am not, you can get a "guest pass" if you are interested in having them. Thanks to Kathy for finding the mats - pure genius!

On the sweater front, I started the second sleeve yesterday. Seems this sweater is taking forever which I could blame on our excessive heat but that wouldn't be totally true. I admit it - I am just a slow knitter! Anyway, I hope to finish soon

My MHC now has a back and two fronts. I didn't work on it most of last week but will cast-on the sleeves today. I am still concerned about the fit but will see what happens when it is finished. Wait til you see Kathy's! She did such a great job with her Must Have Cardigan which will soon make it's final debut!

In the meantime, here is another WIP which I need to finish - this time in crochet rather than knit. All I need to do to finish is make one more sleeve and style the doll's hair. Maybe buy some tiny shoes and a doll stand as well. The doll is a "Paradise" doll which is the same size as Barbie but prettier IMO. Her crocheted wedding gown is a replica of Princess Grace's wedding dress. It was the first time I ever made anything with beads. tiny pearls in this case. It would probably only take less than an hour to finish the dress but where did I put that book!!!

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