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Sunday, September 1, 2013

About Green Coffee Extract

For many centuries, people enjoy a cup of coffee to wake up in the morning or at lunch. Some time coffee was considered harmful to health. In recent years, however, beneficial properties for health coffee have been reported in various scientific investigations.

The story of an extract of green coffee

Coffee trees are growing in many countries, mostly around the equator. Coffee factory produces coffee berry containing seeds, commonly called coffee beans or coffee beans for their resemblance .Coffee berries are usually harvested by hand , although some countries are used machine. The most common method is a linear collection, when all the berries are removed , regardless of whether they are ripe or not. For gourmet coffee are only ripe red berries , in order to ensure excellent taste of the drink .

Assembled berries supplied to processing to remove the seeds from fruits. There are two main methods of treatment. Wet processing , which uses large amounts of water in order to sort out the bad from the good berries and clean seed. Dry processing uses the heat of the sun to dry fruits and easily remove them from the husks . After the wet processing produces coffee with a mild flavor , while after the dry taste richer. Also wet processing method can clog the waste water and pollute the environment.

After drying the coffee beans thoroughly cleaned from the remnants of the husk , they are also sorted by size, because the heavier and more grain, the lower the quality of the coffee .

The last step , which makes the coffee beans are ready to eat , it's grilling . Raw coffee beans are considered " green" and is rarely used to make coffee, because of its bitter taste. However, the green coffee contains important nutritional agents that may be extracted during subsequent processing.

Study of the advantages of green coffee extract Green Coffee

Dr. Oz green coffee bean extract Subsequent studies have shown that chlorogenic acid in the extract of green coffee really helps to lower your blood pressure . In another study conducted in 2011 by Japanese scientists used a placebo and a dose of 46 mg , 93 mg and 185 mg extract of green coffee to test its effectiveness for people with hypertension. Doses of 93 mg and 185 mg showed a significant decrease in blood pressure without any side effects.

Green Coffee Extract Side Effects

Side effects and contraindications extract of green coffee

The extract of green coffee Cafe Mince (Cafe Mince) is recommended to take one sachet (800 mg ) twice a day with . Do not exceed the recommended dose of supplements , and follow the directions on the package. Although the caffeine content in green coffee extract is minimal, there may be some nervousness, if you exceed the dosage.

Do not take the extract of green coffee Green Coffee pregnant or lactating . Pregnant and lactating women should consult their physician before use.

Since the extract of green coffee reduces blood sugar levels and lower blood pressure , people with hypoglycemia , diabetes and high blood pressure should consult their doctor before using. Triminex Green Coffee

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