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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Vitamins for skin, hair and nails

Swingeing majority of women dream about strong, beautiful and healthy hair, and only some lucky persons can by them be proud of, not adding the special efforts for this purpose. Although the care of hair is nevertheless needed, what healthy, thick and brilliant they were not from nature.

Other business, that some women simply shampoo, comb one's hair and look perfectly - certainly, such ladies minority, and other, however try - do nourishing masks for hair, visit beauty salons, use only expensive tools for washing and piling - and nothing helps: hair remain weak, dim and lifeless.

So, it is needed to remember that they get a feed from within an organism, the same as skin and nails, and to begin to accept vitamins and various additions, in an ideal consulting by a specialist.

In pharmacies today great choice of vitamins and supplements, however we would like to purchase quality preparation at reasonable price. First we will try to enumerate and shortly describe vitamin preparations fully accessible at price, and here deserving good reviews, those, who used them.

The complex Ladys Formula contains natural substances for the beauty of hair and nail strength: it is called - "Healthy hair and nails."  It has a natural amino acids, mucopolysaccharides, silicon, B vitamins, and it nourishes the entire body, providing the beauty of the hair, nails and skin.

 Now let us see what are the elements of the first need of your skin, hair and nails, in which cosmetics and home masks are contained in an optimum ratio, how to apply for funds with vitamins.

A + E
Healthy skin

The elixir of eternal youth from one only vitamins will turn out hardly, and effective tool of anti - age - easily! In fact they participate in all important for a skin processes.

The cells of the epidermis and dermis required vitamin A (retinol) and E (tocopherol).  Both of these elements stimulate the formation of elastin and collagen fibers, slowing the aging process of tissues.  In addition, they are one of the most powerful antioxidants and protect the skin from the harmful effects of the environment. A retinol also prevents the accumulation of toxins and helps cells to retain moisture.  But the role of these substances does not diminish the importance of other vitamins.  Thus, B2 (riboflavin) and PP (nicotinic acid) supply cells with oxygen, C (ascorbic acid) strengthens blood vessels, H (biotin) fights with inflammation. Naturally, the skin will only bloom if the body is of a sufficient number of elements: the food, fortified of cosmetics and pharmaceuticals. However, there is one important point - the overreliance vitamins just as dangerous as their deficits.  And overdose worsens the condition of skin, too!  For example, excess vitamin A leads to the appearance of age spots and dehydration of tissues, vitamin B1 - causes cold sores, B5 - redness and burning of the skin, B12 - acne. Even vitamin C, perceived by us as a panacea, is not so harmless - an excess of it can cause acne.  That's why beauticians do not recommend to use several means to the same vitamin  at  home or apply a mask longer than a month.

B3 & B5 for  Shiny hair
Funds with vitamins can restore even the most damaged tresses.  If ordinary fortified shampoos and masks do not give the desired result, currently prescribe a course of tablets beauty. Like skin, curls need different vitamins B3 promotes the formation of pigment in the hair, B5 - moisturizes strands, A, E and C - protect from UV and accelerate growth. The easiest way to get these items curls - the use of various fortified cosmetics or addition to shampoos, conditioners and masks pharmacy vitamins in capsules. Entering is possible any preparations, but necessarily on one, but not mixing up. That application of such tools was effective, use them regularly during a month, after choose other vitamin.

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