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Monday, February 17, 2014

Coffee And Pregnancy

Pregnancy is women most awaited moment as they are expecting to have a beloved baby. Pregnancy is a prone condition when a woman feels weak as they carry a baby. So, a woman should be careful with their pregnancy. They have to limit their movement since they are now in different condition with a normal non pregnant woman. They are not allowed to do intense workout, lifting heavy object, and risky movement. They should avoid doing sport or movement that may cause them to fall or accident and lead to miscarriage.

They also have to choose what food that is good for the baby and avoid products that could harm the baby. There is a controversy among women who are pregnant whether they could drink coffee or not. A person who is addicted to drink coffee cannot easily leave the habit so they keep drinking it even in pregnancy. However, other opinion stated that too much caffeine by having too much coffee can inflict problem to their pregnancy. So what are the relation of coffee and pregnancy exactly?

Coffee And Pregnancy

The Effect of Coffee while Pregnant 

Coffee has the most level of caffeine than tea, cola and chocolate but all can add more caffeine to your body if they are consumed excessively. What are the effects of caffeine for normal body? Caffeine causes your heart to beat harder that increase bloodstream to your body. This could looks like as you have more energy and awake longer. If you have strong heart and body, it may not be a problem. But pregnant women may not be a good idea.

So what are the effect between coffee and pregnancy? based on the recent scientific research, caffeine in coffee, tea, cola or energy drink does not cause physical defect and low weight to baby. Even though there was a research toward animal that caffeine cause serious problem to animal embryo but there is no result that there is no harm for human with the medium dosage of caffeine. Medium dosage is about 3 cup of coffee or other caffeine drink within a 24 hour period.

However, there are other reasons to stop consuming caffeine during pregnancy or at least lowly the intake number. Caffeine could bring the effect of diuretic. It means caffeine absorb water and calcium from body. Both are the most important elements for pregnant woman and her baby. Caffeine will worsen your frequent urination problem if you have already. If you drink coffee or tea with sugar or cream, it will cause satiety that will ruin your appetite to eat healthy food. You are better to avoid cola as it contains many chemicals and excessive sugar that are bad for your health. Coffee and pregnancy do not work together as coffee could change your mood and destroy your sleeping cycle. Pregnant women need adequate rest so caffeine is bad for your baby. Caffeine could hold up your body and the baby to absorb iron that is required to grow. The excessive intake of caffeine can lead to abnormal heartbeat and tremor toward baby. If a woman loose desire to drink coffee at early pregnancy, it means caffeine does not work with pregnancy.

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