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Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Lip Care So Beautiful and Healthy at Home

Lip Care So Beautiful and Healthy at Home - Having a beautiful lips, soft, healthy and natural pink would be the dream of every woman. Various treatments in the beauty salon have been available to realize the lips of the dream.


But many of these treatments are unnatural and only temporary, whereas you can take care of yourself at home that is safer and longer lasting. Quoted from Boldsky, here are some ways you can do to get beautiful and healthy lips according to your dreams.

1. How to remove dead skin cells on the lips?
Accumulation of dead skin cells on the lips can generally cause white lumps or pimples. To get rid of dead skin cells and keep your lips hydrated, you need to mix one spoon of petroleum jelly and one spoon of sugar. After that, massage your lips with the spread then clean with lukewarm water lukewarm. Do it regularly to get rid of dead skin cells easily.

2. How to remove dark color on the lips?
Dark lips are one of the common problems that every woman experiences. Due to the excessive production of melanin in the body, it can change the color of your lips to darkness. To fix this, take 8-10 rose petals. Prepare a half cup of rose water and add 5 tablespoons of coconut oil, then grind all the ingredients into a homemade scrub. Massage your lips with this scrub and wipe it with cold water.

3. How to keep the lips soft?
If you want your lips to remain soft and supple, then your lips need to experience exfoliation or peeling regularly. Take a spoon of ginger powder and then add three spoonfuls of sugar, a spoon of orange essential oil and apply this mask to your lips. Rub your lips slowly then wipe with lukewarm warm water. Do it once a day to get lips soft and supple.

4. How to get pink lips naturally?
To be able to release dead skin cells on the lips and have pink lips naturally, exfoliate the lips regularly is the answer. Take three tablespoons of sugar and add a spoon of orange peel powder and a spoon of cocoa powder, then mix all ingredients with extra coconut oil, rub your lips with this mask and wipe it with cold water.

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