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Saturday, May 13, 2017

Nausea and want to vomit after drinking coffee and smoking

Nausea and want to vomit after drinking coffee and smoking

When you look at the people around you, you may have encountered people smoking while enjoying a cup of coffee, it is very much. And if you also include like them, cigarettes and a glass of coffee that is ready to accompany you. But if you suddenly after drinking coffee while smoking then you feel nauseated and want to vomit then you can read our writing below.

Abdominal discomfort after consuming coffee is associated with increased stomach acid to the stomach that has experienced disorders such as ulcer disease, peptic ulcers  or gastric acid (GERD).

Coffee itself is one of the triggers of stomach acid production, Coffee contains caffeine that has many side effects for the body, one of which is nausea and vomiting. When you smoke while drinking coffee, the rate of caffeine metabolism will increase 2-fold, compared with no smoking. That is why nausea arises when you are drinking coffee while smoking

In addition to coffee, other stomach acid triggers include sour, spicy, high fat foods, alcohol and soda. Psychic factors such as stress, fatigue and lack of sleep can also trigger excess stomach acid production and may possibly bring back similar stomach complaints.

For some people who have no history of ulcer disease, generally caffeine with or without cigarettes will not cause symptoms in the gastrointestinal tract. But if you experience it, then you should avoid drinking coffee while smoking this. You can read our article here the dangers of smoking interspersed with drinking coffee

To make sure that you do not have stomach problems, it takes a direct examination by the Doctor. May require blood tests, ultrasound to Roentgen's photo to support the diagnosis. If abnormalities are found, appropriate treatment will generally relieve symptoms. Thus the explanation that we can convey, may be useful

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