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Sunday, September 8, 2013

Coffee Classification - Asian coffees

Coffee classification - Asian coffees.
Only 3 main varieties - Arabica and Robusta Brazilian,  But the coffee is grown in 50 countries, and, in fact, everyone - your brand. Features of the difference in climate and soil to create a unique bouquet. Each type of coffee is unique, so its name is usually written with a capital letter - as a proper name, Indian coffee (Plantation A) Coffee is grown on coffee plantations in India, located on the southern highlands of Malabar, Mizer, Madras and Coorg, He has a pleasant, slightly bitter taste and strong, well-defined flavor.  Strong infusion of low acidity.  It goes well with soft flavors of coffee, Java Asian type of coffee that is grown in tropical forests of the eastern part of the island of Java, Indonesia.

coffee classification asian coffe Coffee "Java" is treated with a damp cloth - coffee beans free of shell leaching method - " washed " Arabica, The coffee has a rich, bitter, astringent, tart flavor with chocolate flavor and a distinctive aroma,  It goes well with neutral flavors of coffee, Sumatra Mandelin Asian highland Arabica variety from the island of Sumatra, Indonesia.  Unlike the varieties "Java", this coffee is subjected to a "dry" process - the fruits of coffee ( cherry ) is dried under the sun and then manually separate the grains. Tart, full-bodied coffee with a mild taste of the bread, Infusion of a strong, distinct flavor,  It goes well with all kinds of tea,  Colosio Sulawesi Indonesian Arabica Sulawesi, This coffee grows in the area Tarayaland, Coffee trees are grown on small plots around the village houses and consider the family property. 

Every family has a well-established tradition of post-harvest handling, which is transmitted from generation to generation. It is these traditions make the coffee taste unique. A well-balanced, neutral flavor with a pleasant, sweet taste of nuts. 

Yemen Mocha Sanani All varieties of Yemeni coffee originally belonged to the type of mocha, whose name comes from the ancient port of Mocha ( now El - fly ), Variety mocha initially grows in Ethiopia, mostly in Harrar and Dzhimmahe, On the palate, it is almost no different from the Yemeni coffee, which is at the same time a lot of flavors and colors, " wildly ", cheese, wine, dry, delicate, " iridescent ", unpredictable, and in some cases even chocolate, Now identify several types of mocha, Ethiopian version is valued lower than the real Yemen, even the most common variations of which are quite expensive ( for example, " Sanani " from Sanaa and " Matari " from the province of Bani Matar ), But what are the specific brands prefer black coffee, for example, in Russia ?  First, let's define, instant coffee and ground coffee, and maybe coffee capsules (now available and such) ?  One thing for sure, a few gourmet coffee drinkers prefer otherwise. Instead of green coffee, the properties of leaves of black coffee and decaf almost no one knows, Of the varieties of organic coffee and coffee beans Russians prefer :
Coffee " Break "
coffee " Jacobs " (coffee "Jacobs")
coffee " Time"
coffee " Cibo "
coffee "Lavazza"
coffee " Montana "
Coffee " Latte "
coffee "Saeco"
coffee " Jockey "
Coffee " Arabica "
Coffee " Black Card "

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