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Monday, September 2, 2013

Green Coffee for Weight Loss – Without Additives

Green Coffee for weight loss.  Without additives,  It turns out that to maintain a slim figure or to achieve harmony is best to drink natural ground coffee.  And the most viable option is a natural green coffee. 

Essence of green coffee effect weight loss

Green coffee is a special coffee which does not contain additives and has surprising properties .
Green coffee is the most secure type of coffee of all sorts and conditions of the drink.  If you would normally be advised to drink no more than three cups of coffee , then you can increase the rate of green .
French scientists studied the caffeine in green beans and found that it promotes weight loss and improves skin elasticity. At the same time causing minimal damage to health.  4- year study showed that green coffee beans contain a substance capable of cleaving the fat cells . At the same time causing minimal damage to health.  4- year study showed that green coffee beans contain a substance capable of cleaving the fat cells .
The experimental data show that during the month of slimming with the use of :
  1. traditional coffee 14%
  2. Green coffee - 46 %.
Three times faster than green coffee breaks down body fat than regular coffee.

In the not- roasted green coffee beans contain about 7% chlorogenic acid.  It is this acid is able to rapidly convert into energy to fat stores. Therefore, in the use of green coffee is better to add to the exercise regime to intensify weight loss occurred. His release in both roasted and not roasted Arabica coffee beans.
By consuming coffee can lose weight by 2-3 kg per month.  But only if you eat normally and do not exceed calorie intake.
American Journal American Journal of Clinical Nutrition published the article about green coffee that is less absorbed in the intestines of sugar and the weight starts to drop.  And confirm that indeed chlorogenic acid helps to rapidly burn fat cells .
In a way, you can draw a parallel green coffee with green tea.  Naturalness and unroasted coffee beans contain plant substances that speed up metabolism and reduce total body weight.  But she chlorogenic acid is a powerful antioxidant , has a positive effect on weight loss as well as to improve health.
More chlorogenic acid products contain the following :
     blueberries .
The results of experiments on the effects of green coffee slimming
Research in 2006 showed that the extract of green coffee beans to reduce blood triglycerides .  The dosage was 200 and 400 mg per kg body weight. However, the researchers noted that the mere caffeine and chlorogenic acid has no effect on the process of weight loss or fat accumulation .  Positive effects only in combination. Already in 2011, analyzes the extract of green coffee have been published.  Statistics showed that after all the green coffee helps to lose weight.
It was delivered in 2000 experimentation .  In three experiments involved 143 people .
The conclusion from these studies showed :
chlorogenic acid in healthy volunteers during long-term receiving a positive impact on reducing body fat .In 2012, another experiment was conducted in India in six months , more precisely 22 weeks.  Overweight were 16 women and men.
They were drinking green coffee called additive GCA, which is produced in the laboratory of the Institute of the Food Supply .  The subjects drank the same dose for 6 weeks.  Three times daily 350 mg .
During this time, each lost an average of 2 kg .  That is,  Taking 6 weeks 700 mg of the extract can lose about 2 to 3 kg . The fat content was reduced by 1%, and BMI remained the same .  At the end of the experiment of side effects was not found anybody.
At the same time , be careful that the tests were taken only healthy people with no diseases or pathologies.  A man was seen lowering blood pressure.
Also be sure to look at the composition of purchased coffee, caffeine or other stimulants , because you can change the level of sugar in the blood.  And that could be a problem for diabetics.
And one clinical study in 2011 indicated that taking 2 grams of chlorogenic acid influenced the increase in homocysteine ​​levels in women and men. Homocysteine ​​effect on the heart .  It is not known whether the effect of coffee on the green heart disease.  Therefore, if you have any medical conditions it is better to consult a therapist .

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