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Monday, September 9, 2013

Coffee and Health – Benefits and Side Effect

Coffee is not only fragrant and delicious drink , it is also good for health .  For those who love coffee is not threatened diabetes . Coffee contains more than two thousand different compounds , its composition and its effects on the human body has not yet disclosed to the fullest. the fact has been established by scientists at the University Minesotskogo .  These findings have led scientists study 28 million women.  The observation was carried out for 11 years and found that both regular coffee and decaf prevent the development of type II diabetes . This disease is associated with decreased sensitivity of body cells to the hormone insulin .  The researchers found that women who daily drank more than 6 cups of coffee, 22 % less likely to fall ill with diabetes than those who did not drink coffee. If you drink coffee without caffeine , the figure is even higher , reaching 33%.  This study shows that the protective effect is not related drink caffeinated and depends on other components .

Coffee and Health – Benefits and Side Effect Coffee bean contains a lot of minerals and other components , and as long as it remains a mystery what component and how it acts as a beneficial way . One of the hypotheses put forward by researchers - is the protective effect of a mysterious substance in the pancreas.

American scientists have also found that drinking coffee may protect people from liver disease caused by the adverse effects of alcohol. This was reported on the pages of newspaper Guardian. Results of the study showed that people who drank at least one cup of coffee a day is 20% less likely to get cirrhosis of the liver caused by alcohol abuse . e who drink every two or three cups reduces the risk by 40%.  If the daily drink more than four cups of strong black coffee , the chances of 80 out of 100 that the liver does not hurt.

Those studies indicate that tea, which also contains caffeine, does not protect from cirrhosis . This indicates again that the influence exerted no caffeine. We also establish good coffee for asthma patients .  If every day to drink a cup of coffee decreases the risk of an asthma attack by 5%. The good coffee is undeniable , but doctors do not recommend abusing drink.  It is better to be limited to one or two cups in the morning , it helps to wake up and raise the tone . But coffee can not only be helpful .  The most harmful instant coffee and coffee for weight loss.  This drink is especially dangerous during pregnancy .

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