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Monday, November 4, 2013

Primrose root extract

Primrose root extract, widespread disease, defined as a limited inflammation of the large Airways of the lung, clinically expressed in cough without pneumonia. Diagnosis of acute bronchitis is based on clinical indicators because there are no objective tests. He is often characterized by the acute onset of cough, accompanied by the formation of viscous sputum. Among other possible symptoms shortness of expectoration of sputum, sleeping at night and deterioration of the General condition of the patient. Since the attacks of coughing can significantly impair quality of life of patients, cough is one of the main symptoms that patients seek medical treatment. The main aim of treatment for acute bronchitis is to improve the evacuation of sputum and decrease of cough. Treatment should also have a view to the fast relief of symptoms, which are secondary to cough, such as sleep disturbance, deterioration of the General condition, shortness of breath, and chest pain, to improve the General health of patients. Among other objectives, rapid recovery.

The main cause of acute bronchitis is a viral infection, in most cases, treatment should be symptomatic. Therefore, the use of antibiotics usually is not justified - in particular, due to the fact that the number of antibiotic-resistant organisms increases, as well as due to side effects and the high cost of antibiotics [10,11]. In addition, in many clinical trials and meta-analyses have shown that no significant influence of antibiotics on the duration or severity of diseases and complications, such as pneumonia.

Herbal medicines (RLP) are effective and safe therapeutic agent for symptomatic treatment of acute uncomplicated infections of the respiratory tract with long term use. For example, the effectiveness and tolerability of comparable RLP for relief of symptoms of bronchitis was shown in the recent intervention and неинтервенционном clinical study in adults and children, respectively.

The purpose of this clinical study was to study the efficacy and tolerability of finished combination of dry extracts of herbs thyme and root primrose called a combination of thyme and primrose at the recommended dose (1 tablet three times daily for 11 days) compared with placebo in adult patients suffering from acute bronchitis with productive cough, as well as the extension of existing data point to a positive benefit/risk ratio for the given preparation in these readings.

The combination of thyme and the primrose was created to facilitate the discharge of sputum and reduce the frequency of cough [22]. Herb thyme and root primrose have different pharmacological properties, which in combination operate synergistically, providing expectorant, bronchospasmolytic, секретолитический and anti-inflammatory effect, causing the overall effectiveness of the herbal remedies for acute bronchitis with productive cough. The main active components are volatile oils of thyme, especially thymol. They operate locally in the lungs, because removed from the body through the respiratory tract, disinfect them, reducing bronchial spasms and showing mucolytic effects. Bioactive compounds root primrose are saponins and phenolic glycosides (mainly примеверин). Saponins have expectorant effects by stimulating the upper part of the digestive tract and reflexively induced bronchial secretion.

Other secondary performance assessment criteria are given below.

Response to treatment, estimated researcher on the visit of 2 and 3 compared to visit 1 using a 4-point scale for verbal communication (0 = no symptoms, 1 = symptom improvement, 2 = symptoms without changes, 3 = worsening of symptoms); patients without symptoms or better were classified as responders (responds to the treatment of patients), patients whose symptoms have remained unchanged or with the deterioration were classified as non-responders (not respond to treatment of patients).

Changes in the mean (BSS score points by cough, sputum, хрипам, chest pain, cough and dyspnea) on the visits of 2 and 3 in respect of the total score before treatment, recorded visit 1 (day 0), using a 5-point scale for verbal communication from 0 (none) to 4 (very severe) [13]. The response rate to treatment and BSS characterize the overall effect of treatment in respect of symptoms associated with acute bronchitis.
Change ability away alternative is for the sputum from the day 0 to day 9 (calculated as AUC) using a 5-point scale for verbal communication (0 = no sputum, 1 = no problems with cough, sputum, 2 = minor problems with cough, sputum, 3 = noses sputum difficult, 4 = noses sputum very difficult).
Changes in sleep disturbances caused by coughing, from day 0 to day 10 (calculated as AUC) using a 4-point scale for verbal communication, where 0 indicates that sleep is not broken, and 3 = dream disappear.

The change in the General state of health of patients from day 0 to day 9 (calculated as AUC) using a 4-point scale for verbal communication, noted in his diary, from 0 (I have no symptoms) to 3 (I feel very unwell).

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