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Wednesday, September 4, 2013

What is the secret of green coffee slimming ?

The secret of green coffee slimming

The fact that the green ( unroasted ) coffee can hold up to 7 percent of chlorogenic acid.  Such acid promotes transformation of fat into energy reserves.  This means that if you do not go and drink coffee from time to time, you will never lose weight. But if you start to lead an active way of life, with coffee lower the weight faster than they could be.

There are no scientific studies that prove the effectiveness of coffee without dieting and exercise program , as an independent means to lose weight . " Stress hormones " in coffee consumption acts only when the organism is found in the lack of calories.  Otherwise , lipids simply " are around " and can return back into the fat cells .
Appetite does not arise solely in the case of a weak desire to eat something delicious or clearly unnecessary.  If there is a strong hunger , for example, when combined with a low calorie diet and sports activities , the consumption of coffee must be combined with the use of willpower. So, if there are no medical contraindications , the coffee is permissible to enter into their own weight loss program.

The use of natural green slimming coffee

Acquire or not specifically designed for weight coffee - it's just you.  I'm still for natural products. Where there are supplements - Natural missing.  And now we'll tell you about the unusual characteristics of the green coffee. 

Just a coffee ( without the presence of various additives) allowed to drink without fear for their health . France opened the phenomenal properties of green coffee beans that contribute to weight loss and make the skin elastic. After a four-year study of green coffee experts in the field of science have identified a unique component that can break down the accumulation of fat cells.  Green coffee beans several times more effective traditional roasted coffee. Thus, the caffeine in coffee can an ordinary one month to eliminate 14 percent of body fat , and green coffee breaks 46 percent.

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