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Thursday, September 5, 2013

Spring weight loss plan

Assistance in the preparation and recommendations

I - a woman.  And it is said that every year, I think about how to lose weight and prepare their shape for summer!  And sure at 100% that thinks this whole " perfect " half the world's population. So every spring I make a plan, and I have the idea to share it with you, my lovely lady.

I have in front of as many as three months to seriously address himself and improve his favorite body .  Do you know why I call it a favorite ?  Because otherwise I do not do my weight loss plan for summer!  It will seem very strange, but that such would be my first step in the plan - Motivation .

Spring weight loss plan - the first step motivation . Why is it you want?  The reason is simple as twice two is four .  for what purpose we want to lose weight, to us it will be a burden , and we can not fulfill all the requirements for a real relief kilograms. But I want to make sure that the entire process of weight not caused me discomfort, neither physical nor mental .  To my friends did not tell me that I was bent on losing weight.  And I hope my dear readers , you too wish.

So, let's define what may be the motivation for you , that is  a goal that will stimulate your actions .  For my purpose, I have long been determined - is to make your body such as to fall in love with him , to look at it in the mirror and admire it , to touch it and it brings joy, not sadness .

What could be more worthwhile in this guide ?  For example, like an unmarried colleague .  Or have a holiday romance with " girl ", and later to marry him .  Maybe you just want to improve their health , lose weight . Or become an ideal in the eyes of her husband or friends.  Even, perhaps , you do not want to change the banal your summer wardrobe.

As you can see , the reasons to become leaner million , each can choose for themselves individually. So, the first step I managed, I expect that and you as well.  It is still the easiest task .  What next , I ask myself?  The next step is to determine how many pounds I really can not throw for three months , without causing harm to their health and the health of your skin , staying in a vigorous and adequate condition .

Spring weight loss plan - a step the second definition of overweight.

In my opinion, for me to actually remove the extra 3-5 pounds .  This figure may be more, but maybe if :

  • You weigh more than 60 kg;
  • you have a lot of free time , for example, more than 3 or 4 hours a day;
  • and you are under 40 years of age;
  • your decision will not suffer similar (eg , hunger , or lack of attention and communication) .
  • you do not have serious health problems ;

I decided on the intended task, now it's up to you.

Next I plan on tomorrow and the day of the coming week, in order to determine the amount of their free time .  Why , do you think?  I need to know which mode will I live without causing the body to excess stress.

Spring weight loss plan - Step Three Set mode .

Since diet is a little more complicated because  I love cooking and delicious meals on the night.  And due to the increase in sports exercise my appetite has grown significantly.  Here's what I found out:

  1. First, drink plenty of plain water (half an hour before eating glass , while running and training about a liter , and each time before you want to eat ) ;
  2. Second, try to avoid fried food (maybe once a week to let potatoes or pancakes ) .  Fatty meats , bacon , sausages .  why giving up meat , fat - I noticed that after they receive noticeably gaining weight and therefore excludes these hazards without delay Also, simple carbohydrates , i.e.  flour products , especially cakes, pastries and sweets .  As well as white rice , potatoes (you can only as an exception in the salad ) In the middle of April, I 'll start to collect and eat spring herbs for weight loss , of which I will make salads .
  3. thirdly , because  I can not resist a tasty meal , I will eat much smaller portions than would only fresh vegetables and green salads ; Basically I have a spring diet for weight loss, which I 'll stick with it.
  4. and fourthly, because  I do not go to sleep with an empty stomach , at night try, there is not only the high-calorie foods (apples , cabbage , salad of boiled beets , tomatoes , etc. ), or low-fat yogurt .

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