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Saturday, August 9, 2014

Iced Coffee Recipe

Iced Coffee Recipe
Get The Tastiest Iced Coffee Recipe - During summer or when the sun shines so bright that makes you sweat, the best way is having iced coffee recipe. First of all, you need to prepare coffee. Make sure that you’ve the best coffee seed for the sake of achieving the most delicious coffee. Besides, you can have some ices, water, and milks if you want to have mixed taste of iced coffee milk. After preparing its ingredients, you can prepare jar to grind the coffee and pitcher to process ground coffee into iced coffee. Grinder and a tool for stirring are also equipments you need to prepare before making iced coffee.

Ingredients and Tools
When the ingredients and tools are completely prepared, then you can start to grind coffee seed into a rough one. Those grinned coffees are put on the stainless or the glass with water. You’re recommended to not apply hot or cold water as you’re going to soak that grinned coffee. Please to stir for making sure that the water covers all grinned coffee. Put that coffee to refrigerator with closed glass for approximately 12-17 hours. For covering the glass, you can use cheesecloth for the best taste of iced coffee.

Recipe Step by Step
After that, you’re pleased to sieve that grinned coffee to pitcher. Its coffee has become so solid. You can’t drink directly that coffee, so it’s better for you to put some water initially. Once you poured that pointed coffee into pitcher by sieving, please not to stir it as well. You can rinse its jar and then set it aside. When you don’t stir it and take it from refrigerator on time, you’ll grab the best extracted coffee. To filter its coffee extract, you can sieve by using Hario V60. Furthermore, you may remove the cheesecloth so you can have solid coffee for the most delicious iced coffee.

After sieving and removing cheesecloth, now you’re pleased to strain that extracted coffee to your selected jar. This process takes approximately 45 minutes so its extracted coffee is becoming drip. You can add some ices before putting extracted coffee so it will be cold and fresh. Preventing its coffee becomes cloudy that it may disturb its taste, so you don’t stir its extracted coffee. You can keep its extracted coffee for approximately ten days and please to keep it chill in refrigerator. Therefore, you don’t have to take times for making iced coffee recipe.

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