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Monday, August 5, 2013

Notes : "Ketchup & Mustard"

There were twelve members of my family who had spent most of that Labor Day together canoeing and fishing at a campground in the mountains of North Carolina.

When it was time for our cookout, everyone pitched in to get dinner on the table, and soon we were all seated at the long picnic table. I had just put together a delicious hamburger and was about to take a bite, when my sister, Leslie, asked me to pass the mustard. I picked up the mustard, stopped for a moment, and turned to her. “So, you want the mustard?” I asked.

“Yes,” she replied.

I couldn’t resist. I turned the nozzle toward her and squirted the bottle. Yellow mustard shot toward her and splattered across her white shirt. “Okay! “ she hollered, as she picked up the ketchup bottle, aimed it at me, and squeezed it. Out came a mass of red that covered my pink, Mickey Mouse shirt. I jumped up and ran toward her, pushing on the mustard bottle as hard as I could. It hit its target , and mustard dripped from her shirt.

Pretty soon, we were out in the middle of the campground, laughing, and covering each other with condiments. She went further than I did by pulling my shirt down from the back and drenching me with ketchup. Then, she gave me a shot in the hair. And, I had tried to play fair! We were a mess. We called it quits when we ran out of “weapons.”

Naturally, a family member recorded all of this on video, and it is a hilarious sight to see. Our clothes never came totally clean, and to this day, my mother says I owe Leslie a new outfit.....

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