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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Benefits of Celery for Health

Benefit of celery

Only 100 гр of this useful product is daily fully satisfy the requirement of organism in potassium, therefore this vegetable neutralizes surplus of salt and releases from edemata.Destroys slags and toxins, normalizes metabolism, therefore people with overweight need to use  a celery  in food every day.

This useful vegetable leader on maintenance selenium necessary for the synthesis of hormones of thyroid.The leaves  of celery  need to be used to the smokers, in them there are 8 varieties of anticarcinogenic substances, neutralizing the carcinogens of tobacco smoke.

Juice of this vegetable is the natural "cooler" of :чайной spoon it is enough, not to feel a heat, especially in the conditions of damp climate.In addition, the benefit  of celery  on an organism is outpoured in a strong natural aphrodisiac that strengthens potency and helps to recover a libido.

A celery  contains amino acids, coniferous forest, calcium, chlorine, irreplaceable fat acids, folacin, inositol, iron, magnesium, manganese, phosphorus, potassium, selenium.

Benefit of celery and food value

On 100 гр of product :
Energy: 16 excrement
Carbohydrates: 3 гр
Albumen: 3,46 гр
Fats: 1,12 гр
Cholesterol: 0 mgs
Food fibres: 2,10 гр

Vitamins :
Folates: 36 mcg
Niacinum: 0,320 mgs
Pantothen: 0,246 mgs
Pyridoxin: 0,074 mgs
Riboflavin: 0,57 mgs
Thiaminum: 0,021 mgs
Vitamin of А : 449 МЕ
Vitamin of С : 3,1 mgs
Vitamin To: 29,3 mgs

Minerals :
Calcium: 40 mgs
Iron: 0,20 mgs
Magnesium: 11 mgs
Manganese: 0,103 mgs
Phosphorus: 24 mgs
Zinc: 0,13 mgs
Potassium: 260 mgs
Natrium: 80 mgs
Carotin of -в : 270 mcg
Luteinum is a zeaxanthin: 283 mcg

Benefit of celery for health

1. Good antiseptic: the seed   of celery  help in liquidation of urinary acid.Also it is very good for people with disorders of urinary bladder, buds, cystitis etc. Seed   of celery  also help in prevention of infections of urinoexcretory ways for women.

2. Healthy a суставы:эта grass is good for people, suffering from arthritis, rheumatism and gout.His antiinflammatory properties help to decrease edemata and pains in joints.The sticks  of celery  contain diuretic substances, that help to delete the crystals of urinary acid, that is built round joints.

3. Prevention of Cancer spices contains phthalides and polyacetylenes.These anti components of chasse, produce the detoxication of carcinogens.Also it contains coumarins that promote activity of some white cages of blood .

4. Pressure of celery  herein very effective, it every day can diminish corking of arteries from a cholesterol.

5. Pressure of celery an useful grass contains a chemical substance

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