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Friday, September 13, 2013

Elderberries - Benefits of black elderberry.

Elderberries - Benefits of black elderberry. Their knowledge allowed not simply to survive, but as said now, rationally to organize the way of life : to teach and bring up children, obtain food, treat illnesses. They did not have books and even schools, but in exchange they learned to hand on the torches from mouths in mouths, filling the spare time edifying conversations and stories. Many knowledge were then enciphered as fairy-tales and legends, apparently so them it was easier to pass to the young generation.

One of ancient European legends says of that some grandee, hunting in the thick forest, fell behind from a retinue, lost way and went out to the lonely log cabin a whining old man sat at that. On a question about reason of tears, an old man complained, that he was very beaten by a father, for that he, carrying a grand-dad on hands, dropped him. The surprised grandee passed in a house and saw two yet more ancient old men there. Staggered by seen, he began to elicit for old men, as they succeeded to live to so worthy years. And they told that all life live in-field, till earth, and feed on mainly bread, milk and cheese. And yet they always use in food the berries of black elder, be under an obligation that the longevity.

From landing to the harvest.

In a culture a black elder is simple enough. Thus she солнцелюбива and the best of all succeeded on moist, loamy, fertile soils. Sandy dry soils for her are useless. In north areas, for landing, it is needed to choose protected from cold winds location with a sufficient snow cover in winter.

Basic methods of reproduction of elder - by handles and seed. Seed I collect in the middle of October since they will grow black. Here I sow on a depth a to 2-3 cm in rows with spaces between rows 20-25 см. Germination in our terms does not exceed 5-10%, but seedlings grow very quickly, and already for the first year arrive at a height a 0,5-0,6 m.

An elder is well grafted by both одревесневшими and green handles. The rooted at correct approach is approached to 100%. Already in one-year age nursery transplants need to be landed into permanent place.

Black elderberry flowers to prepare infusion: 2 tea-spoons on glass of boiling water. Insist, concealing the bedspread of half a hour. Use in a hot kind on the fourth of glass 3-4 times per a day for the night, at a quinsy, flu, cold.

Infusion can be prepared on other compounding: 5г of dry Black elderberry flowers inundate 200ml of steep boiling water and boil 15 mines on water bath, whereupon cool during 45 mines, filter, take a volume to primary. Accept in a warm kind for 1/2 - 1/3 glasses 2-3 times per a day.

From flowers it is possible to prepare healthful honey. For this purpose a with a capacity of one the liter jar is filled not densely by flowers without peduncles, inundate syrup from 500г sugar and 600 ml. boiled water, insist a 2 twenty-four hours, 20 boil min, whereupon filter through a shallow sieve. Such honey is added to tea at a cold, flu, quinsy, drink for a prophylaxis for the night.

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