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Saturday, September 7, 2013

Classification of coffee

Coffee classification, at the international coffee market applies a special classification of the variety of coffees, dividing them into three broad categories. The main criterion for inclusion of a coffee in a particular group is the quality of the grains.  The first category is called Mild Mild (Mild). It includes all the best varieties of Arabica coffee - from rare to common.  In order to emphasize their high quality, this category more precisely referred to as "soft -grown coffee plantations on high." Highland coffee is collected at a minimum height of 500 meters above sea level, and is often the height of the coffee plantations of 1000-1500 meters.

coffee clasification Coffee classification In this case, the coffee berries must be picked quite mature and carefully handled. This category of coffee Brazil the highest quality coffee is very different from the other categories - lower quality, sharp and coarse to taste, cheap grains. It's called the Brazilian coffee.  This category name is due to the fact that the vast Brazilian plantations, not located in the mountains and on the plains, provide a large amount of cheap, sometimes carelessly collected and processed coffee maker. At the same time, this term does not reflect reality, since Brazil produces and gorgeous soft variety, classified as mild. Robusta The third category includes varieties of Robusta coffee. 

Coffee classification They are inferior in taste and aroma of Arabica coffees and also richer in content of caffeine ( about 30-40 percent). In robusta advantages - simplicity of vegetation, disease resistance and, most importantly, low cost.  That's why robusta coffee market is on his own, no less prominently than Arabica.

Coffee classification Liberica Liberian coffee comes from West Africa. Currently, this type is grown in almost all the countries of the African continent, as well as Sri Lanka, Indonesia, the Philippines and others.  Liberica get coffee from the fruit of the coffee tree height of 6.10 meters with very large leaves of coffee. Length of coffee beans - 30-35 mm, width - 10-15 mm.  Liberica resistant to all diseases of coffee trees, except rust fungus. Liberica fruit quality is not very high, so this kind of coffee is rarely used.  Basically Liberica used to create various mixtures.  No one has never drank coffee made entirely of beans Liberica.  Apparently, this is impossible.

Ekstselza coffee - Another type of coffee.  Ekstselza - coffee - coffee or high - are even less well known than Liberica. The trees of this species reach a height of 20 m This type of coffee has no economic value.  The oldest type of coffee - " mocha ". From him comes the most varieties of Arabica, such as the Indian variety " Tipico " and " bourbon ", and hybrid " Mundo Novo ", "Tico ", " katurra " and " Maracaju " (the latter known for the huge beans). One of the best is sort of " Colombian mild ", which is growing not only in Colombia but also in other countries - from Venezuela to Kenya. The most famous varieties of Robusta - Brazilian " konilon " Indonesian " java - ineak " and the Congolese " Quil."  There are two types of hybrids, such as " arabusta ", which is grown in Côte d' Ivoire.

Apart from the usual divorce rare especially expensive varieties - the so-called grand cru, such as " Jamaica Blue Mountain " is one of the best and most expensive varieties, grows on a small mountain plantation.  In Europe, have spread a mixture of varieties - blends (blend). One kind of grain (specialty coffees) are more expensive and are only 10% of the total coffee production.  They are bought by connoisseurs who know that " Mocha " is good for a chat and a Brazilian " Tipico " indispensable for intensive mental work.

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