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Monday, September 9, 2013

Regular coffee and coffee for weight loss

Similarities between regular coffee and coffee for weight loss. In a world of huge amount of coffee people .  One of the reasons why an invigorating aromatic and tart drink is so popular lies in the properties of coffee accelerate the metabolism. It is partly thanks to this property is credited coffee ability.  In addition, in recent years has become widespread , and the so-called slimming coffee . What unites this drink with the usual coffee and what are its unique benefits ?

Slimming Coffee - not just coffee !

Regular coffee and coffee for weight loss The basis of regular coffee and coffee slimming one - a mixture of grains of different coffee varieties varying degrees of roasting , but that all of their similarity ends.  And all because of the slimming coffee are included in addition to coffee beans and more specific components that contribute to the improvement of the digestive tract, speed up the metabolism.

Regular coffee and coffee for weight loss. As a rule of the specialized slimming coffee includes:

  • fresh coffee, which speeds up the metabolism and displays the excess water from the body ;
  • green tea - which also has a diuretic effect ;
  • Guarana - charges the body with energy and helps to regulate body temperature ;
  • Garcinia - helps the process of digestion , regulates blood sugar levels and promotes normal energy metabolism ;
  • guatsuma - does not allow digested fats ;
  • Bitter orange - helps to restore metabolism ;
  • spices - do not help to feel a sense of hunger, and also normalize the body's metabolism ;
  • murayya - affects the body as a natural anti-depressant ;
  • Rhubarb - promotes normal digestion.

Regular coffee and coffee for weight loss. Also in Slimming Coffee can contain the following elements:

  • pectin helps your body of toxins;
  • Chrome - controls appetite , suppresses hunger and reduces cravings for sweets ;
  • Ascorbic Acid - strengthens the immune system and is a natural antioxidant for the body ;
  • L- carnitine - thanks to him, the muscles of the body are in good shape and function normally ;
  • Bromelain - restores metabolism.

But we can not forget about the caffeine in regular coffee, and a coffee for weight loss.Apart from the fact that caffeine is good for digestion and really helps to lose weight by speeding up metabolism, this substance also has a positive effect on the work of the brain, improves mental and physical performance , as well as struggling with sleepiness and fatigue.  But in case they do not abuse! see also about green coffee benefits here.

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