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Sunday, September 15, 2013

Elderberry Jam Recipe - How To Make

Elderberry Jam Recipe, cooking from an elder prepares very simply, and is a delicious and healthful product. This sweet purveyance is used as effective medicine at a cold(especially, cough), diseases of throat and problems in-process gastrointestinal tract. And, certainly, this cooking is remarkable dainties.

Elderberry Jam Recipe

Preparation Elderberry Jam Recipe:

1) to Collect from a bush brushes with ripe, black elder-berries.

2) to Wash raw material in warm water.

3) Neatly to pick all berries, removing them from sprigs. To sort out berries, leaving only good.

4) Отмерить the necessary for cooking amount of elder and pour it in a deep capacity.

5) by Rolling-pin or pestle slightly to press down berries, that they produced part of juice.

6) to Place a capacity on a flag, to take mass to effervescence.

7) Притушить a heat and cook elder-berries in own to juice, stirring.

8 ) When the volume of concoction will diminish twice, to fill up in a capacity with an elder the granulated sugar. Carefully to mix to its complete dissolution.

9) to Cook 10 minutes, carefully mixing mass and not giving to it to stick to the bottom.

10) to Disconnect a flag. To accommodate the prepared product in sterile jars and roll up under lids.

11) Banks are placed next to each other and insulate them with a thick blanket. Leave in a way to cool down.

The finished jam should be thick, black-and-red color with conspicuous in it elderberry.

Ingredients Elderberry Jam:
1 kg of black elderberry (weigh peeled twigs berries), 100 g of sugar.

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