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Saturday, September 14, 2013

What is the process of slimming coffee for weight loss?

Slimming coffee for weight loss? Slimming Coffee Manufacturers claim that with his help every person can regain harmony.  How does this happen?

Three of biochemical processes in the body play a crucial role in this :

  1. Fat , delayed on the hips and abdomen should enter into the blood.
  2. From the blood of this fat should be submitted to the cells.
  3. The cells of this fat should " burn."

If any of the three mechanisms do not work, it will be impossible to lose weight and no diet will not help.

slimming coffee for weight loss Stage One.slimming coffee for weight loss,  Fat molecules most obese people is stored in fat cells.  They do not leave these cells, on the contrary, there the new fat molecules. In this case, the fat cells swell and swell up, because they can take an unlimited amount of fat.  Do fat people fat cells can be more than slim, a hundred times. But there are stress hormones that can shake the fat cells.

During times of stress need more fat for energy.  Under any form of stress:  during exercise, famine or when the level of blood sugar, stress hormones released from fat cells fat molecules bind them with protein substances and transported to the cells of the body.

In the dream, we stress- relieved, but the cells of the body must be supplied with energy every second. For this purpose there is a growth hormone that is released by the pituitary gland in an hour after falling asleep.  It is called nocturnal stress hormone.

Step Two.  slimming coffee for weight loss For delivery of fat molecules from the blood to the cells used vitamin carnitine, intercepting the passing fat molecule.

Step three.  slimming coffee for weight loss, burn the fat molecule can only thyroid hormone - thyroxin.

The principle of operation Slimming Coffee. Shortly principle of Slimming Coffee can be described as follows: "Some of the ingredients of the product create the conditions for the production of stress hormones.  This allows the molecule to release fat from fat cells and transport them to the cells of the body. Simultaneously, the blood sugar level is lowered, which increases the efficiency of fat reserves.  At the same time there is appetite suppression .  And this is one of the most important conditions for losing weight".

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